About Us

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training

Our Vision

To Bridge the Gap Between Corporate Needs and Millennial Job Desires


Our Mission

To assist millennials and their employers navigate the path to success by providing access to assessment, training, education and guidance

Team Exercise

Team Exercise

What do we do?


∇ Our team and global network from academic, entrepreneurial and corporate settings bring decades of experience educating, training and mentoring millennials, managers and executives. We have depth of knowledge and experience in all functional and practical areas of business.

∇ Provide an assessment of the entrepreneurial tendencies of employee candidates

∇ Provide an assessment of the entrepreneurial tendencies of current employees

∇ Train employees in entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to apply in a corporate environment

∇ Facilitates the creation of an entrepreneurial culture in companies allowing employees to grow and excel

∇ Provides speakers addressing generational distinctions for corporate meetings and conferences

∇ Facilitates sharing best practices, exchanging ideas, forming collaborations and developing integrated strategies

∇ Access to a network of experts

∇ Creates opportunities to meet other entrepreneurial focused employees